Is it true to make a living from stock trading?

It is a type of mysterious question that has no definitive answer. Trading can be done to survive in life, but this is a difficult task. For stock trading, a very specific skill set and risk tolerance are required, which most of the people do not have. There are a lot of people who have selected this path for a living but it does not apply to everyone. It is attractive to listening but in reality, it is a very challenging task for everyone.

make a living from stock trading

If you are able to do trading for a living successfully means you have achieved the level of excellence in trading, which is the dream of most of the people but the truth is that it cannot be obtained easily by everyone. For this, there is a great need for patience and tolerance in the people. There are the lots of difference between the reality and truth. For example, be an actor or an award winning actor and watching a match on TV or live on stadium etc.

Living on the basis of trading is not just simple because the stocks in the stock market can be up and down at any time. The successful life style with trading also depends on what types of trading you are doing. There are also different kinds of risk, which can sink your money and on another hand, it can make you a millionaire.  It all depends on your types of trading and investments.

Trading is a platform which is used for additional profit. In trading, you can earn more money compared to doing a job. For this you would have to prepare mentally and financially for profit and loss as well. It is packed with up and down therefore economically tight people cannot do it for their living.

If you want to do trading for a living while knowing its challenges then you should process in this sequence: you should have a sound trading method, which takes advantage of instability while keeping risk management as its main principle. Ideally, this method should be tested over time, in all different market environments with real money.

After this, if you want to put your precious time in trading and want to educate yourself on everything related to trading then it must be ensured that you become a trader and not an investor. To become a good trader, you can choose different types of paths like you can read books related to trading, can be aware of daily actions of the stock market through news, you also can read articles related to trading, can get help from experienced person or you can educate yourself even through a trading Institute.

When the goal is to make a living with trading then it is a reliable and consistent revenue stream but it can take the time to get or achieve it. In such case, tolerating the daily fluctuations of your income can be difficult for you. So, here you need to ready for it before implementing.

How to choose the best share market training institute?

The flashing world of the stock market attracts millions of people all over the world. It is a great way to earn money sitting at home but there are some challenging risks as well that can dip your money. Always a question remains in everyone’s mind that how many traders are earning good profit in the stock market even after such a risk. So, let us tell you that in order to be successful in any field, it is very important to have a good of knowledge of this field.

share market training institute

There are various types of trading platforms in the stock market, which provide traders free space and many opportunities to do trading at their own convenience but before taking the advantage of this, traders must have a complete awareness of the risks involved in the stock market, so that they could lead successfully in the stock market in any situation.

It is very pleasant that in today’s date, there are a number of stock market training institutes that provide various courses to those who want to learn more about stock market trading, whether he is a beginner or an experienced trader. However, it is significant to choose the right and best course that match with your expectations.

So, are you looking for a good stock market training institute to make lots of money and become a successful trader in the world of the stock market? So don’t worry, we are here to help you to find out the best stock market training institute for you.

Do this for searching best stock market training institute

  • Do a comparison of the packages offered by different training institute.
  • Do a comparison of the institutes and services.
  • Check the courses offered are completely designed to your needs.
  • Ensure courses are effective for stock trading.
  • Are courses the best suit for all people including brokers, home makers, new traders and part-time workers?
  • Ensure the courses will help you to become a knowledgeable stock market trader.
  • You should ask the Institute will provide live share market training.
  • Are the courses designed to offer detailed and adequate information?
  • Are advanced workshop included in training?
  • Is the training institute you select is affordable for you?

Stock market training courses include:

  • What is technical analysis in trading?
  • What is trend analysis in the market?
  • Positive and negative divergence
  • What is the theory of moving average?
  • What is oscillator analysis?
  • Importance of technical analysis in share market trading?
  • Types of the chart.
  • What are reversal patterns?
  • Golden rules of trading
  • Knowing about the trading system

Tips to choose the best trading training courses

  • Always ensure that the institutions you have selected have a good reputation and recommended. Do not join just because they are offering low-cost courses.
  • Ensure that the complete training is provided by the professionals or expert traders, who have excellent and wide knowledge of the market as well as years of experience in the same field.
  • There is a wide range of trading courses available in stock trading such as Forex Currency, Bond, Index Trading, Stock, Commodity futures, Session Trade, E-Minis, Capital Preservation, Forex Currency – 24 Hours trading and much more. Therefore you must know what the best is for you and what you want according to your expectations.

Apart from all these considerations, the institution should provide you adequate support for your all questions.

Is stock market training important for beginners?

Yes!! For me, it is important to be trained before entering the world of stock market. It is essential to have complete knowledge in order to get success in any field, especially in the stock market. Usually, lots of people do one mistake that they invest their money in the stock market with less knowledge due to greed to earn more money. As a result, they have to bear big loss along with profit. The rising brightness of the stock market is attracting millions of traders around the world but before entering in this world, we all need to have full knowledge of the stock market.

stock market training

There is no doubt that the stock market is the easiest way to earn lots of money in less time, but there is also a risk of losing money in the same way. In the stock market, there are different types of trading platforms, which give plenty of opportunities to the traders for trading at their convenience, but before involving in this world the traders should have full awareness of the risks involved in trading.

The stock market never limits the people due to their geographical area, experience or other elements. Anyone, who is interested in trading, can enter the world of the stock market without any hesitation. It is necessary to get training before entering in the live market. Nowadays, the number of stock market training institutes is increasing worldwide that offer various courses for those who want to learn extra about stock market trading. However, it is important to choose the right course that match with your expectations and requirement.

Why do you need stock market training?

Getting a full knowledge about trade and to know the strategies to make a profit in the stock trading is important to become a successful trader. For it, to join a good stock market training is necessary. It is beneficial for every person who is dynamic and serious to earn a good return from the stock market without facing any changing risk. See the more profits of getting stock market training.

  •  It helps you to become a good trader with full knowledge about trading.
  • It helps you to understand the complete techniques to earn more profit in the stock market.
  • It helps you to know tactics to apply in your trading to reduce the challenge of risk and gain more profit in the stock market.
  • It helps to make you stronger for handling the adverse situations in the stock market without facing any loss.
  • It helps to make you flexible to trade anywhere you want.
  • It helps to make you more confident and comfortable to choose different types of trading to trade in the share market.
  • It helps to never limited to the specific investment.
  • It helps you to feel like a boss in trading.


  • Earn huge profit with lower investment.
  • Get benefit in challenging environment of the stock market.
  • Able to do more investment in upcoming stocks.

Although there are no limits of its benefits and we can’t describe all. We hope that you will gain more profit through the stock market training and become a successful trader in the stock market world.

Top 5 Benefits of Intraday Trading

The intraday trading means “trading in the day” or “day trading”.  The intraday trading is one of the most excellent trading strategies in the stock market, which helps day traders to make money in share market of India. There are the lots of benefits of intraday trading, which helps a day trader to lead a successful life. Due to the numerous benefits of intraday trading, a number of people are doing day trading. For intraday trading, more youngsters are eager, because it is an easy, simple and profitable way of earning.

Top 5 benefits of intraday trading

A number of traders choose different types of trading according to their preference. There are lots of advantages and benefits of intraday trading over positional trading, which requires holding the stocks for a few days or weeks, while in the day trading does not need to keep the stock for a long time. The buying and selling of stocks will happen on the same day. There are many such reasons and advantages due to which most of the traders like intraday trading. Let’s know some reasons, which make intraday trading the first choice the traders.

1. It ends overnight risk

The greatest advantage or benefit of the intraday trading is that it eliminates the overnight risk for you. Here, you can close your position before the end of the trading day, due to which your profitability will not be affected by good or bad news and events occurring during non- trading hours.  For positional traders, there are lots of chances of disappear from profit due to the risk of any bad overnight event. In intraday trading, any tragedy or disaster in local or global stock markets can not affect your income for that day.

2. It decreases brokerage commission

Brokerage commission is 1/10th for day trading than taking delivery of shares. All the charges like stock transaction tax, stamp duty, service tax etc are applicable only on the brokerage, so you have to pay very little for the day trading. Taking delivery of shares involves the additional process of transferring the stock from the company to the demat account, which increases the cost paid through the brokerage. With the intraday trading, you can do a lot of trade by paying less commission, which is not possible in long term and positional trading.

3. Day traders can earn profit in any direction

A day trader can take the advantage of both growing and falling market. This advantage cannot be extended to long-term investors who hold their shares for a longer period to make more profit. Day traders can make profit by making small sales in falling stocks. On another hand, positional traders can only do small sales in futures, for which the higher margin is expected.

4. It gives high returns

If a good day trading strategy is applied with discipline then desirable profit can be earned in the stock market. To get excellent returns, it is necessary to learn the strategy to observe intraday market fluctuation.

5. It provides plenty of opportunities to learn

The intraday trading provides you extra opportunity to learn, test and apply different trading techniques in a short duration. Here, you can test yourself and trading strategies that best work for you, which chart pattern, is better for good results. It can make you more profitable.

How to do Part Time Trading – Best Tips for You

There are thousands of people, who are interested in stock trading but due to their regular job, they can’t give full time for it. In most of the cases, people like trading but they do not want to leave their jobs as well. Here we have a solution for it that is part time trading. Actually, it is a smart way of part time earning. There are many professional day traders, they do part-time trading for one to three hours per day and then proceed their other activities.

part time trading tips

If you are interested in part-time trading then there are some proven ways and tips to do it.

1. Select the appropriate market for part-time day trading

There are numerous markets in India where trading is done. When you are completely free to do trading, you can choose one of them for trading. Many part-time day traders are available in the stock market after their regular work. In India, the BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange) and NSE (National Stock Exchange) are the big stock market and most of the people love to do trading in these stock exchanges. If you are a beginner then you can take help of stock tips provider for the best investment.

2. Focus on swing trading

You can do part-time day trading but it is more challenging than swing trading. Swing trading is one of the most flexible trading. If you are thinking for part-time day trading then swing trading helps to become a perfect day trader. A trading tips company can offer you advice for swing trading.

3. Set alerts

There are many modern trading platforms that include a number of free scanning and chart services that allow you to set stock alerts. Here you can scan for stocks, create your own watchlists and then you can create alerts to notify via email or text when these stocks are close to your ideal listing position. Just make sure you still evaluate before buying each stock and do not jump due to just one warning. You should take your own decision on the basis of set alert.

4. Use stop limit order

If you are a part-time day trader then stop limit order is the best way to go on it. With the help of stop limit order, here you can set a limit price and a stop price. If once the stop price has been hit then a limit order is created at the specified price.

The part-time trading is a great way to make little or lot of extra income. Educating yourself is always the first step for every investor to any kind of trading. Here you also can take help of stock advisory company for more information about how to become a part-time or full-time trader.

How Does Stock Market Work?

Every person wants to know “how the stock market works”, especially the beginners. The working process of the stock market is based on buyers and sellers, who called traders, who bid on stock shares. This is a small part of the ownership of a public corporation, in which the stock prices show investors’ opinion about the company like a company will earn the profit in the future or not. The traders, who think that the company will do well in the future buy the share of that company while those who believe that current share price of the company will deteriorate go away. Sellers want to get as much as possible more for each share what they paid for it in the stock market.

Stock Market

In the stock market, the buyers always try to buy shares at the lowest price so that they could sell it later for more profit. The traders cannot trade directly on the stock market, so they hire a broker-dealer to execute the trades in the stock market.

A stock market or stock exchange is a common term for a forum that deals with the securities traded on various exchanges. The complete procedure of stock market is done under the provision of the Securities & Exchange Board of India (SEBI). Trading is an art that grows step by step with experience. Ups and down always occur in the stock market. Therefore, if you are a beginner then must be aware of it before investing in the stock market.

Advantages in stock market

To gain more profit of financial capital, companies sell stocks in the stock market. Issue initial public offering (IPO) is the first step of this process in the stock market. After issuing IPO, there is no privacy and investors can evaluate the strategy and profit of the company quarterly.

There are many private ways to get financing through personal loans, private investors or bonds, which are publicly traded loans. The main advantage of stock versus bonds is that a stock does not require a monthly repayment of interest. Investing in the stock market is a great way to ensure that your investment is better than inflation.

Trends in stock market

If investors feel that the economy is growing, then they should invest in the stock market because a strong economy helps companies to grow their income. It usually happens with the expansion of the business cycle. The stock market is also known as a bull market.

If investors think that the economy is slow or stable, then they can invest in bonds, which is a safe investment. The reason for its being safe is that bonds give a certain return on the life of the loan.

If there is a danger to the global economy, investors also can go towards gold. Some companies offer gold mcx tips to the investors. It happens in the stock market when the price of the stock falls by 10 percent or more.

Going up or down of stock market is very common therefore you should keep in mind that these are general trends. There are no hard and fast rules to accurately predict the stock market trend.

How to Make Money in Indian Stock Market?

You might have heard that there is a lot of money in the stock market and it has been earned by many people but many people are deprived of taking advantage of this, they are not fully aware of the profit in the stock market. There are many people who are making a lot of money by knowing the secret of earn or making money in the stock market. There are two types of personality that play in the stock market. The first type is basic investments and another type is of speculators.

make money in Indian stock markets

There is always fluctuation in the stock market, which creates confusion in mind of the people. Here you can earn money a day and lose it on the next day. That is why a perception of making regular money gains from the stock market is fairly incorrect. There are some stock advisory companies which assist newcomer in the stock market .There is no set rule that could help you earn so much profit every day. Yes, but you can take some route to stay in the stock market for the proper benefit, which is given below:

Use evaluation techniques

It is very important to know the basic stock evaluation techniques to make money from the stock market. In the period of its fundamental power and in terms of its pricing, the stock should be evaluated. Before booking any stock, the investors should ensure that it is not overvalued. A majority of people lose money in the stock market because they buy stocks which are overvalued.

Practice long-term investment

In order to earn a regular profit in the stock market, practicing long-term investment in stock is a good option. This type of investment is more reliable and can ensure the long-term benefits or returns. Long-term investment stops people from thinking about the speculative method. A company that is capable of producing stable long-term returns is one of the great stocks. If a company is good for long-term purchasing, then it helps in making a fundamental analysis to help investors.

Confirm short-term trend of stock prices

It can be done in various ways. The easiest way is to open the price chart by looking at the value of the stock market and see how the cost of shares has changed within the last 6 months. Always note or write down that the price has dropped from where to where. You are able to check simple moving averages of the stocks, after looking at the price chart.
Verify strong fundamentals of the company

Fundamentally strong stock represents its different variety of features based on which you can rate them as quality stock. A fundamentally strong company often shares its dividends to shareholders with profits. If a company that has been giving constant dividends to its shareholders over the last few years, it means that it is a great fundamental. Dividend yields can be considered excellent in the range of 2% to 3%.

Evaluate stock prices

You can easily check the movement of share price has been made in the last 2-3 years. Let’s assume that the price of the stock in the year 2007 was 35 rupees and it has reached 50 rupees in three years of time, which means that the company’s trend is increasing. It is essential to check whether stock prices have touched higher prices/overvalued levels or not. It can be known in different ways also. You can start it by comparing the price of the stock with your book value.

An Overview of Indian Stock Market

Welcome to the Indian stock market. There are two types of investors, one who has full knowledge about the Indian share market and other who are fresher in this field. India seems like a small stock market compares to the United State but on closer examination, you will get the exact same things that you expect from any emerging stock market. Here, we are providing the overview of the Indian stock market that will help investors to get in-depth knowledge about the Indian share market.
Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and National Stock Exchange (NSE)
Most of the share trading in the stock market is done in two stock exchanges. One is the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and another is National Stock Exchange (NSE). The BSE has existed since 1875. On the other hand, the NSE was established in 1992 and started trading in 1994. Both exchanges BSE and NSE have the same trading pattern. Almost all the important companies and organization of India are listed on both the exchanges.

1. Trading System

Trading in BSE and NSE is done by an open electronic limit order book, in which the order is matched by the computer. There are no experts or market makers and the whole process is order-driven, which means that the orders are placed by the investors, which automatically match the best limit orders. As a result, the buyers and sellers always remain anonymous. The main advantage of the order driven market is that it brings extra transparency by showing all the purchasing and selling orders in the trading system. However, there is no confirmation or guarantee of execution of the orders in the absence of the market makers and specialists.

Indian stock market

2. Settlement Cycle and Trading Hours

The T+2 rolling settlement is followed in equity spot markets. It means that any business or trade that takes place on Monday will be fixed by Wednesday. The trading on the stock exchanges takes place Monday to Friday, between 9:15 am to 3:30 pm, Indian Standard Time (+ 5.5 hours GMT). The delivery of shares should be in dematerialized form and both exchanges have its own clearing house, which serves as the central counterparty and considers all settlement risks.

3. Market Indexes

There are two very famous Indian market indexes named Sensex and Nifty. The Sensex is the largest market index of shares. Another index is the S & P CNX Nifty. This includes shares of 50 firms listed on the NSE, which represent 62% free-float market capitalization of the index. It was built in 1996.

4. Securities Market Regulation

The entire responsibility of the stock market development, supervision and regulation are the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI). The SEBI was formed in 1992 as an independent authority. Since then, Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has constantly tried to make market rules in line with best market practices. SEBI is well known for imposing the penalty on participants of the market if rules are breached by them.

Stock market investment tips – Do and Dont’s

If you are thinking about investment in the stock market then take time and do research before investment because there are lots of things to do and don’t in the stock market. These things should be followed by investors to generate the profit. There are a number of people interested in stock trading but they have some questions like how I can aware from the loss and how to gain profit in the stock market etc. For such investors, there are no accurate tricks and tips that can help to avoid loss because share trading is pack with uncertainty. You should aware the things that you should do and don’t during stock trading.


Do and Don’t in the stock market

1. Patient

The patient works every place, especially in the business. It is very important to keep patient in the field of the stock market because panic will let you down and lead you to more loss. So, accept the truth of stock market before entering into this business because this market is very volatile. It will keep fluctuating. In a moment it can raise your share from down to the up and another moment your shares can be plummet. So, there is no solution to get rid of up and down of the market. Keep patient is the best solution in such situation.

2. Study the market

Before investment in the stock market do your homework and adequate study of the market. Self-analysis of the stock market is better than depend on others’ opinion because it is not sure that someone will tell you the sure shot to make a profit. You should go to analyze the shares, mutual funds and stocks of the market. You also can take help of stock advisory company or stock market experts. You also can read books related to stock trading or take an advice from share market tips company to gain more knowledge about the stock market.

3. Don’t blindly believe on the market forecast

There are no media or TV channels, which can provide you the exact market forecast. It sounds good, pretty and can be entertaining for you but they do not possess any investment value. So, it is important to avoid such kinds of forecast and doesn’t take it seriously.

4. Avoid huge investments

Try to avoid huge investment in the stock market. Buying more shares of different companies is good but sometimes huge investment may dip your money. So, don’t blindly believe or follow the current situation of the share market because it can fluctuate at any moment. There is a simple way to stay long in the stock market that is picking a few stocks and invest in them gradually.

5. No 100% accurate strategy

If any company or someone says, he has the full proof strategy of making good profit from the share market then don’t believe on him. There is no such kind of strategy that works equally well in all situations to gain profit in the share market. Before apply to any strategy, it is good to know the share market tips and the tricks to make money. Before implementing any nifty tips always try to analyze it closely.

6. Avoid short-term strategy

If you are seriously thinking about investing in stock market and want to stay in this field for a long time then you need to make long-term strategies to stay here for a long time. Short-term strategies may give you profit in the few cases but it will not be beneficial for the long run. So to become successful in the world of stock market, you should think from a perspective of a long run.

7. Diversify

The main and very important point of investment in the stock market is trying to buy stocks from various sector don’t invest money in one sector only.

These all do and dont’s of investment in the share market will be helpful to become a good investor in the stock market. For every investor, it is needed to take a logical and careful decision for better return on investment.

Top Ten Rules of Investing In Indian Share Market

Indian share market is well-known for the instability. Basically, Indian share market is recognized as the safest place for the investment but these days it has become the most challenging market. Indian share market deals with a range of shares that are available for trading point of view. There are a number of rules about investment in the stock market but I summarized important top ten rules of investing in Indian share market.

Rules of Investing

1. Need a plan

Having a plan is essential before you put any money to work; you need to know what you are investing. You cannot be successful in share market if you do not have a well-researched plan. An effective trading plan or share market tips can help you to be updated with the market change. Investment according to plan is the key to getting high returns on it.

2. Always keep learning

You cannot gain knowledge of trading in a day, few weeks or even in months. Successful traders analysis all the latest research on technological analysis then they find their hands on. They also read numerous books to know trading techniques and about trading psychology. They follow other successful traders to know how they deal with their accounts.

3. Create a big portfolio

There is no doubt; rank of diversification depends on every investor’s risk taking ability. This is the reason; diversification of the portfolio is the key aspect of earning the best return on investments across asset and tool with the least risk.

4. Try to capture the huge market move

Beginner traders frequently book profits too fast because they want to get pleasure from the engaging feeling. A trading account is not increasing that is not sustainable. Therefore, when you consider you have entered into a big move, you have to ride it out until the market stops performing right.

5. Need to avoid overtrading

Overtrading is the prime mistake that most new traders do. A good trader always prepares to trade light as the market turns changing and even not trade if there are no trades to make the profit.

6. Implement disciplined investment approach

Disciplined investment approach in the stock market would help you to come out from stock market fluctuations. Many stock market tips provider follow disciplined investment approach.

7. Have practical expectations

There is nothing wrong with hoping the most profit from your investments although you can face difficulty if your economic goals are based on only idealistic assumptions. Therefore you should have practical expectation from your investment.

8. Take knowledgeable decision

Proper study always should be started before investment in the stock market. Normally, investors go through the name of a company or the group they belong to. So, you need to take the right decision.

9. Search for appropriate online trading broker

There are many online trading brokerage firms for the active and prospective traders. You should choose the proper brokerage firm according to the trading requirements and investment plans.

10. Find the trading software

If you register in the online brokerage firm through paying an amount of money then you will get the access information of trading software for the knowledge. This software assists you in the purchase, sell and track your trades. Ensure to choose a firm that generally helps you understanding the software.