Why do People Fail in Intraday Trading?

Most people thought that they become rich overnight but one must need to work hard to earn money. Many intraday traders lose all their money in months. So before investing do your homework about where you are investing?

Intraday trading

What is Intraday Trading?

Intraday trading involves selling and buying of stocks within the same trading day. In this trading, stocks are purchased just to earn profits, not to invest. An online trading account is needed in intraday trading. Here orders are specific to the intraday trading so you need to specify it because the orders are squared off before the end of the day.

Some Points to Keep in Mind to Avoid Failures

Why are there such a Huge Percentage of Failures?

It is because people don’t understand the strategy of share market. Due to the hurry of reaping enormous profits in less time, they commit repeated mistakes. Only the investors, who spend enough time in understanding the market, succeed in the long term.

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Traders make Repeated Mistakes

In intraday trading, mistakes are common, but the beginner traders make blunders. They believe in the tips given by investment consultants. These tips coming from the market speculations only, and there is no theory. Therefore, the stock prices during the trading session do not show price variation. There is no option than booking loss since at the end of the trading session the stock must square up.

Hence, when it happens repeatedly traders hesitate to invest and lose confidence. They start investing safely. It loses the whole purpose of intraday trading and reduces the profit margin. According to the experts, only rich investors are choosing it. In the beginning, mistakes are common, but do not repeat them.

People don’t prepare for it

People are not preparing before investing that’s why they are facing failures. Without knowing the company parameters they jump into it. They also don’t have enough knowledge of the market behavior and high and low of a stock. They put the hard-earned money at stake on the advice or tip from some broker. There is no profound knowledge of the subject if the fundamentals are not clear. So it is obvious that the traders do not earn profits.

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People Ignore the Timings

The trader needs to be extremely cautious in the intraday trading about the timings. Before buying any stock, decide at what price you will sell the holding; low and high both. When the stock reaches the desired high price, just book the profit. Square off the position at the stop-loss price, if the price falls gradually.

So, self-control is a must minimize its loss. One who does not follow it got into trouble. Therefore if someone is following discipline then intraday trading will get you great returns. You can also try our free trial for more benefits.

Hence, intraday trading can give you high returns, but first, you have to do your research properly. Many beginner traders lose their money in this, so before investing see all the aspects and know where to invest, and then only you can earn profits.

How to Choose the Best Stock for Investment?

There are many stock options are present in the market and it is not possible for an investor to invest in every option. You will need wise comparison and careful selections of options before choosing the best stock for investment. Determine your goals, keep your eyes open, finding growing companies and turn to corporate presentations can be good ideas before choosing any stock.

Best stock for investment

Some Rules to Choose a Better Stock Option

Rule 1: Focus on the easy to understand Business Model Company. It requires a good understanding of the business. Consider a trusted company before making an investment because it can give you better returns. In trusted companies, many people invest like you, so it increases the chance of higher returns.

Rule 2: Make an investment in “best in breed” companies. So first know the difference between a brand and best in breed business. For retailing than investment, the brand is more than a word. You can understand this with an example like in the mining sector there is no place for branding. But it rules the retail market. In the market, many sectors are there which don’t have any brand but they are ruling the market.

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Rule 3: Here you have to focus on the performance. In the share market, any business could start growing anytime. Investors hesitate to invest in such companies which lost the trust of shareholders in the past. Always keep an eye on the past performance of companies in which you are thinking to invest.

Rule 4: Large and mid cap companies have better chances of growing than small cap companies. Set your primary preference to mid cap and large cap companies. Large and mid cap companies are called the “best of breed” companies because of their better returns. This tip is from the Investment School of Benjamin and Buffett.

Rule 5: Before investing in any company, make sure that they pay out rich dividends to their investors. Always investing in a big company will not give you higher returns. For example, Google is the most popular and largest search engine, but it does not give rich dividends. Google does not undermine its value of high investment stock.
Companies which pay dividends are able to expand and continue operations while returning some profits to the investors.

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Rule 6: It is always advised in the past that you should buy stocks on breakouts. But presently it is advised that buy stocks before the holdings go out of your reach or at the cheapest price. Focus on the growing companies to get a high return on your investment. The stock market has many fluctuations, nobody can predict it accurately. So before investing in any stock do your complete observation and understand the strategies which can get you profit.

Buying individual stocks looks like falling out of favor, with the popularity of ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds). For self directed, rugged investors, it is still a route to investment success. If you are looking for share market tips provider, then we are happy to help you. You can also take our free trial. Investment in companies that control their industries can be a good idea.

How Can You Earn Money From Stock Market Daily?

The share market is an amazing place to earn money but making money by the equity market is tough. If you are having discipline and patience then only you will have a great time in the stock market. For daily income, you can earn money from stock market, you should have a sound understanding and a great attitude for research.

Earn money from stock market

Investing in share market takes time; you have to see all the aspects of the share market. A financial advisor can help you in these conditions and can give you the best advice for the suitable stock. Hence they can resolve all your problems regarding the stocks.

If you think that you know everything about the share market then you are wrong. Don’t try to be an expert marketer because you can lose a heavy sum in no time. Your advisor can help you in buying the best stock.

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These are some tips that they provide to you:

1.    You will have a complete conversation

When you meet the advisor for the first time, it would become relevant for the advisor to know exactly what you are looking for. Advisor will ask you many questions and after understanding your requirement and expectations will suggest you what is best for you to invest in.

2.    You will get to know the latest updates

Share market news is one of the required elements for intraday earning. The financial advisor will follow the priceless updates which can help you to get a better return on investment (ROI).

 Advisor will let you know all the updates and then he can trade with your assent. With the help of these updates of the market you can decide where to invest and where not. Trusted and genuine financial advisory work can create a reliable bonding with the customer.

3.    Saves your money, time and effort

A financial advisory save your precious money, valuable time and endless efforts. Share market makes money but also asks for various things which are difficult to provide. So, a good financial advisor can help you to get off this problem. If you are doing some work for the first time you will need much time and it is not compulsory that you will do it well. So, without hesitation contact a good financial advisor and start your new journey.

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4.    Choosing reliable stocks

Among a lot of choices, choose stocks from the company which has a recognizable brand, offers what you want and have a good business model. Inspect the company’s worst quarter and decide whether it can give you the desired profit or not.

Research the company’s debt, operating cost and leadership. Analyze their income statement and balance sheet and determine if they have a good chance in the future or not.

Intraday earning and daily earning in the share market can be quite tough. You need to have some tips regarding the earning process or prior knowledge. Here we discussed some tips to do daily earning and get money. You can also try our free trial to know our services. Therefore you can go through these tips for better returns.

Top Facts to consider while Investing in Base Metals

Base metals tips

Base metals are frequently used in commercial and industrial applications including manufacturing and construction. Copper, iron, aluminum, lead, zinc, and nickel are such examples of base metals. While platinum, silver, and gold are examples of precious metals.

Some best facts to invest in base metals

  1. Cost of base metals is less than precious metals

This is because they are mined in large production and can be found all over the world. Because they are more ‘common’, they got their name ‘base’. So these materials play an important role in the economy because they are used in the production of goods. They are used in architectural and building materials. Hence it can give a great profit by investing in it.

  1. Demand and supply affects the share price

Base metal prices change depending on pending any significant economic activity or consumer demand. For example, lead is used in batteries of computers, vehicles, even emergency systems. Production of cars and stable demand mean that lead prices will continuously increase. So the demand directly affects the share market.

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  1. Base metals can retain economic value than money

Cash is a man-made product; therefore it can decrease or run out in value. Base metals and precious metals are coming from the earth. These are the elements by which we can make lots of products. It is difficult that they can take the position of other man-made inventions. People are continuously mining base metals because they hold intrinsic value to our market.

  1. Some base metals are inspected by their grade

This especially applies to copper and iron ore because the grade is directly proportional to the value. Countries which are the largest supplier are known as high-grade output. Sometimes when countries have no choice they import from the lower grade countries. The higher grade countries got higher exposure because of their ranking.

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  1. Base metals mining are very profitable

Starting a business with respect to the base metals can give you a higher profit. These common metals are easily available and don’t need heavy investment. The total revenue of top mining companies is very high. Therefore with the help of good strategy and some investment one can get good profit.

  1. Economists keep their eye at base metals prices

Base metals are a great indicator of the world economy. Ongoing constructions mean there are jobs being created, money to spend. It directly affects the economy because these investments are huge. Economists carefully inspect the whole market’s ups and downs. Base metals always have high demand because the population is growing regularly and mostly products consist of these metals.

If an investor is looking for an investment in base metals then he should first understand the complete facts. Therefore investment in base metals is quite profitable. These metals have large production and easily available at low cost in contrast to precious metals. Some new technologies could modify the industry into a profitable sector. Due to fluctuating market, some mining companies face many financial challenges.

How To Buy Shares In Indian Stock Market?

Investing in the share market can grow your money faster. The share market tends to rise in value, but the prices of independent stocks rise and fall daily. Do your survey before investing in any stock. Choose stable companies to invest which are able to give you better profits. If you have enough knowledge on the market’s ups and downs then you can earn a lot from the stock market.

buying shares in indian stock market

Points to remember while buying shares in the Indian stock market.

  1. Directly investing in the Indian stock market

According to the changes occurring in 30 Sensex stocks, the Bombay stock exchange is indexed.  These stocks represent generally stable companies, large and are a good investment option for beginners. Read stock analyses and financial reports created by financial advisors.

In a demat account, you can virtually reside after your trades or trades. For a demat account, you must fill out some paperwork with depository agency. Fluctuation is normal in the stock market. If you need any kind of advice for trading, then choose a full-service broker. Only minimal trade assistance is provided by the discount broker. Company’s management team can also help you in the investment.

Points to remember before investing in the Indian stock market.

  • Track the movements of nifty and Sensex.
  • Work with an Indian broker.
  • Research possible stocks.
  • Register for permanent account number (PAN) card.
  • Establish a demat account.
  • Ask your advisor to at which price which stocks to buy.
  • Keep an eye on taxation rules.
  1. Directly buy Indian stocks

A bank or financial advisor can tell you about a broker who can guide you to invest in Indian stocks. There are many companies which guide for investment. If your broker is unwilling to buy Indian stocks, you can contact an affiliate firm in India. This affiliate firm set up an account for the investor and let you know the particular trading guidelines.

Investing in the foreign market seems a bit risky. Some investors divide their portfolio between foreign and Indian stocks. Indiabulls and Kotak securities are such companies which help you in investment. ADR (American Depository Receipts) is a low risk and straight forward way to invest in the foreign market. During the standard U.S. market hours, ADR’s are also available. When you are familiar with these policies you have to check whether you can access the shares you are interested in.

Points to remember while buying stocks

  • Work with an in-person broker.
  • Use an online investment company.
  • For Indian stocks, set aside a part of your portfolio.
  • In foreign stock purchases, consider any investment.

Above we discussed how to buy a stock, and we hope the above information is useful for you. Before buying a stock inspect everything about that stock to get better returns.

If you are looking for a stock market tips provider, we are happy to help you. We are leading stock market tips provider in the Indian share market.