Is it true to make a living from stock trading?

It is a type of mysterious question that has no definitive answer. Trading can be done to survive in life, but this is a difficult task. For stock trading, a very specific skill set and risk tolerance are required, which most of the people do not have. There are a lot of people who have selected this path for a living but it does not apply to everyone. It is attractive to listening but in reality, it is a very challenging task for everyone.

make a living from stock trading

If you are able to do trading for a living successfully means you have achieved the level of excellence in trading, which is the dream of most of the people but the truth is that it cannot be obtained easily by everyone. For this, there is a great need for patience and tolerance in the people. There are the lots of difference between the reality and truth. For example, be an actor or an award winning actor and watching a match on TV or live on stadium etc.

Living on the basis of trading is not just simple because the stocks in the stock market can be up and down at any time. The successful life style with trading also depends on what types of trading you are doing. There are also different kinds of risk, which can sink your money and on another hand, it can make you a millionaire.  It all depends on your types of trading and investments.

Trading is a platform which is used for additional profit. In trading, you can earn more money compared to doing a job. For this you would have to prepare mentally and financially for profit and loss as well. It is packed with up and down therefore economically tight people cannot do it for their living.

If you want to do trading for a living while knowing its challenges then you should process in this sequence: you should have a sound trading method, which takes advantage of instability while keeping risk management as its main principle. Ideally, this method should be tested over time, in all different market environments with real money.

After this, if you want to put your precious time in trading and want to educate yourself on everything related to trading then it must be ensured that you become a trader and not an investor. To become a good trader, you can choose different types of paths like you can read books related to trading, can be aware of daily actions of the stock market through news, you also can read articles related to trading, can get help from experienced person or you can educate yourself even through a trading Institute.

When the goal is to make a living with trading then it is a reliable and consistent revenue stream but it can take the time to get or achieve it. In such case, tolerating the daily fluctuations of your income can be difficult for you. So, here you need to ready for it before implementing.

Stock market investment tips – Do and Dont’s

If you are thinking about investment in the stock market then take time and do research before investment because there are lots of things to do and don’t in the stock market. These things should be followed by investors to generate the profit. There are a number of people interested in stock trading but they have some questions like how I can aware from the loss and how to gain profit in the stock market etc. For such investors, there are no accurate tricks and tips that can help to avoid loss because share trading is pack with uncertainty. You should aware the things that you should do and don’t during stock trading.


Do and Don’t in the stock market

1. Patient

The patient works every place, especially in the business. It is very important to keep patient in the field of the stock market because panic will let you down and lead you to more loss. So, accept the truth of stock market before entering into this business because this market is very volatile. It will keep fluctuating. In a moment it can raise your share from down to the up and another moment your shares can be plummet. So, there is no solution to get rid of up and down of the market. Keep patient is the best solution in such situation.

2. Study the market

Before investment in the stock market do your homework and adequate study of the market. Self-analysis of the stock market is better than depend on others’ opinion because it is not sure that someone will tell you the sure shot to make a profit. You should go to analyze the shares, mutual funds and stocks of the market. You also can take help of stock advisory company or stock market experts. You also can read books related to stock trading or take an advice from share market tips company to gain more knowledge about the stock market.

3. Don’t blindly believe on the market forecast

There are no media or TV channels, which can provide you the exact market forecast. It sounds good, pretty and can be entertaining for you but they do not possess any investment value. So, it is important to avoid such kinds of forecast and doesn’t take it seriously.

4. Avoid huge investments

Try to avoid huge investment in the stock market. Buying more shares of different companies is good but sometimes huge investment may dip your money. So, don’t blindly believe or follow the current situation of the share market because it can fluctuate at any moment. There is a simple way to stay long in the stock market that is picking a few stocks and invest in them gradually.

5. No 100% accurate strategy

If any company or someone says, he has the full proof strategy of making good profit from the share market then don’t believe on him. There is no such kind of strategy that works equally well in all situations to gain profit in the share market. Before apply to any strategy, it is good to know the share market tips and the tricks to make money. Before implementing any nifty tips always try to analyze it closely.

6. Avoid short-term strategy

If you are seriously thinking about investing in stock market and want to stay in this field for a long time then you need to make long-term strategies to stay here for a long time. Short-term strategies may give you profit in the few cases but it will not be beneficial for the long run. So to become successful in the world of stock market, you should think from a perspective of a long run.

7. Diversify

The main and very important point of investment in the stock market is trying to buy stocks from various sector don’t invest money in one sector only.

These all do and dont’s of investment in the share market will be helpful to become a good investor in the stock market. For every investor, it is needed to take a logical and careful decision for better return on investment.

How can you learn stock trading?

It is very important for beginners to learn trading first before starting selling or buying stocks. There is a long list of investors who want to learn the basics of the stock trading. The easiest way to learn trading is talking with other fellow traders and learns techniques and strategies of trading. You can get many ideas, tips, and experiences from existing traders regarding trading strategies. An excellent understanding of the fundamentals of trading helps to build a strong base that maintains a trader’s complete trading career. It allows well-organized trading learning for making the profit through share trading. The following are some ways to learn trading for lots of benefits.

learn stock trading

Open a Stock Trading Account

If you want information about stock trading then you should open a trading account and find an excellent online stock broker. You can get lots of stock market tips from the broker that would be very helpful in learning. There are lots of free trading tools and strategies available over the internet that is helpful for trading learning. The essentials of trading contain all the realistic information about trading like what is trading, how buying & selling orders is placed and so on.

Find an Adviser

Mentor is an excellent way to get information about trading. An adviser could be a friend, a family member, a professor, associate or any other people who have the deep understanding of the stock market. The best stock tips provider assist to answer questions, give help, suggest valuable resources and stay spirits up as the market gets harsh.

Need to Read Books

There are many books available in the market that provides deep information about stock trading. You can learn valuable tips from books and find lots of basic things that are useful for trading.

Read and Follow the Appropriate Web Portals

There are many websites which are based on trading and provides great resource to the new investors. By visiting these web portals, reading headline of the markets news investors can increase their knowledge about trading, 3rd party investigation and research on market trend etc.

Attend Seminars

Seminars are also very helpful to know insight of the market and exact investment types. Most of the seminars are organized by stock advisory company that focuses on the detailed feature of the market. In these seminars experts share their personal experience and tips to achieve set or desirable profit through trading. They also share their own plans to make more profit that they have built after having experience of many years.

Learn from Virtual Trading

There are several online brokers that offer lots of essential virtual trading for practice. You should open a virtual trading account to learn trading. This virtual trading allows you to trade, buy and sell share by virtual currency.

Learning trading technique is essential for the successful trading career. It is important to learn the trading essentials from the reliable and trusted trading websites. There are many professional traders who guide, instruct and share their optional trading style and method with newbie. Therefore, learning trading is absolutely useful for the monitor and analyzes your investments. It is very vital to learn trading and learn all the aspect of trading before start real trading.

Basic DO’s and DON’Ts of investing that you should follow

Investment is a way of investing money to earn more profit. Basically, it is the initial step towards the potential security of your funds. Investment is an important thing from several points of views because it is one of the best ways to get high ROI. There are different factors that affect your investment and its revenue. There are numerous ways of the savings by which you can save your future. In addition, there are many things those investors should remember means what to do and what don’t do.


DO’s of investing that you should follow

  • It is important for investors to check the company’s credentials, management, fundamentals, the latest announcements and different other disclosure before placing an order by the market intermediaries. It is one of the investing rules. In addition, there are many sources of information like exchanges websites & companies, data vendor databases, business magazines and many more to gather information about the interested company.
  • Investors need to give clear and definite directives to the broker, agent and the depository participant.
  • Investors always should deal with the market mediators that are registered with SEBI and the stock exchanges.
  • You must give special attention to information related with the mediator before register as a client with any mediator. Need to read the contents carefully that stated in the risk disclosure document and is the necessity for investor registration process to deal with the brokers.
  • Investors always keep copies of papers and other important documents that they want to send to companies, trading member, registrar and other.
  • You should follow up carefully and rapidly when you do not get the necessary documentation in given time, get in touch with the concerned person like trading member, company etc.
  • Investors have to implement trading & investment plan according to their risk bearing ability because all investments have some risk that differs according to the investment plan used.

DON’Ts of investing that you should follow

  • It is necessary for investors to don’t execute any document through any mediator without understanding the terms & conditions.
  • Investors don’t get mislead through companies showing approvals & registrations from the government organization as the approvals could be for other purposes and not for securities you are buying.
  • Investors should not believe on the financial performance of the companies publish or featured in newspapers or electronic media.
  • It is vital to don’t blindly follow media information on company progress because some of these could be fake or misleading.
  • You should not get misled by guarantees of refund of your investments by post-dated cheques.
  • Investors should not deal with unregistered brokers, sub-brokers and other unregistered mediators for the investment.
  • You should not forget the risk that involves the investment.

These are very useful points that investors should remember when they invest. Investment can be started from everywhere with a new plan or with a developed plan to achieve set goals for more profit. The most beneficial way is to have a carefully developed plan. It begins with setting economic goals and then increasing and following an asset program that is reliable with those objectives.