How can intuition help to predict the share market?

Dictionary meaning of intuition is 1) the knowledge to understand something through instinct, without the conscious reasoning 2) without a conscious reasoning but only from instinctive feeling

intuition to predict

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Acquiring knowledge without evidence, proof or logical reasoning can be called intuition. It is a direct access to unconscious knowledge. The ability to understand without the need for conscious reasoning. According to modern psychology, it can encompass the capability to know justifiable solutions to decision making. A stock advisory company can help you in affirmation to your intuition whether both are in the same direction or not.

Standing at the bus stop or at the railway station, if you observe person near you minutely, you can guess what all is going in his mind. Is he worried, happy, stressed out and things like that. As a human being, we can intuitively feel the other person’s feeling.

Many people have an intuition about the things that will happen in future. As an observant trader, you can read the market pulse by your intuition and experience. You can read and feel what other traders in the market feel about the events of the market that will unfold. Same things hold true for nifty future tips.

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Many people do not realize that every human being has a varying capacity of intuition. Sometimes the feeling is so strong that it can be felt easily and strongly, and sometimes it is so feeble that one does not even realize it.

It so happens in share market that we plan to purchase certain shares but wait to reach our expected price. Once it reaches our expected we wait for it to go lower. It goes lower. We again wait for it to go still lower and keep on waiting to purchase at lower and lower prices. Then all of a sudden it shoots above our first purchasing prices. We fret and fume why we didn’t purchase at the proper time. Kept on waiting unnecessarily. The same thing also happens in commodity tips.

The same thing happens when selling. We keep on letting the prices move north and finally lose an opportunity to sell at the right time to get the best price.

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Meditation helps intuition get stronger. Peaceful and free mind attracts more thoughts. It helps to judge things in a better way. One can calmly weigh both the pros and cons of the situation to come to a better conclusion.

How can intuition help to predict the share market?

Apply the logic of reading emotions and feeling to a crowd. While observing the crowd at share marketplace one can predict the behavior patterns arising. It can give you a rough understanding of what people are thinking. Like they do for nifty option tips.

Say on a particular day you felt that shares will be going down. But the prices go up. Based on your price observation and judgment along with your intuition in future, the price will fall. Though it may not happen at the same instant, it may take a day or two. Reading a stock market is something that needs to be done over a period of time.  Not to be based only on your experience or just plain assumptions.

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The available indicators and technical tools are available to predict the market movement, but without intuition they have limitations. These tools do help and support your intuition, and by practice and constant observation, you can get the better understanding of the market.

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Do you know the right time to sell share?

Most of the investors give a lot of importance only to buying. That is buying right shares at the right price. But selling is also important. Selling at the right price and at right time.

sell shares

In most of the advice and article written by analysts and brokers, one can get a lot of buying tips. Many however neglect article or advice on selling stocks.

Buying shares at the right price is important since it determines profit gained. At the same time selling shares at right price determines actual profit.

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Since share market moves in both the direction, what are quality stock today may not be so after a decade or so down the lane. One should go through the performance of shares, one is holding after few years’ intervals. If their performance is gradually decreasing it is better to go in for other high performing shares.

One has to develop own plan of action or the price target is achieved. Here are few proven tips that can help you decide the right time sell shares. Otherwise you can contact stock advisory company to know more.

.1. Swift or instant price appreciation

Share markets are volatile in nature. They swing in both the directions. That is, they are highly unpredictable and uncertain. Sometimes the swing is very dramatic and sharp.

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When you buy shares and they appreciate swiftly in a short period of time. It will be a wise decision to book profit and move ahead. One can again purchase when prices fall. After your sell and the shares still move north, you can comfort yourself that you have not gone broke by booking profit. Other opportunities are always open. Like nifty future tips or nifty options tips

2. Shares reaching stop loss level

Share prices move in both the direction. Suppose you have purchased shares at a certain price. After a certain time, you see that the price is constantly spiraling down. You may encounter a loss. As the prices keep dipping, your loss increases proportionally. But you can minimize this loss right at the beginning that is when you have purchased. Always remember to place a stop loss order.

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So once you purchase the shares, you have to decide how much loss you can absorb. Once you come up with that figure, you can place the stop loss at that point. So in future, if share prices reach your targeted price your sell order will be automatically be triggered. Thereby saving you from a huge loss.

3. Decreased dividend or holding back

The dividend is paid by the company to its shareholders when the company makes the profit. Usually once in a year and as decided by the company’s management.

If the earnings of the company increase they pay a higher dividend. Conversely, if the company is in loss or not making sufficient earning it does not declare the dividend.

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If the company is decreasing or cutting dividends than it signals that the company is in financial difficulty. Perhaps it the right time to sell your shares.  However, the company may cut or decrease dividend for business expansion or may be considering buyback offer or some acquisition etc. If it is the reason, then you should hold your shares for some time and wait and see the results.  You can get best results of nifty options tips from advisory companies.

You should get to know the reasons first before taking any further steps.

4. Problems in the invested sector

Investors invest in shares after analyzing the company from many angles. But what happens if the entire sector is tumbling?

Few reasons for tumbling of the entire sector can be government policies or rules which are not favorable. It can be because of the unfavorable economic condition, political uncertainty, recession etc.

In such an unfavorable business situation of the complete sector or industry, it is better to sell the shares and exit before getting deep in losses. One can also go in for commodity trading to diversify the folio, and get commodity tips.

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How to make more money from Indian share market?

Making money in stock market is not easy. Had it been so, everybody would be rich. It requires capital, a strategy, patience, plan, and execution of the plan. Know how of the market, knowledge to identify opportunities and chart analysis.

make more money

One should have the cleverness to identify shares which are presently undervalued or insignificant or those shares which are giving good and constant returns in a long run. A good network of people from whom you can gather required information.

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  1. What does the stock market have in store for you?

Indian share market is also known as equity or the stock market, is an open market for trading in shares of listed companies. There are sellers as well as buyers of shares, who converge at a place called stock exchange for trading. The current prices at which the shares are traded are called market price of that particular share.

Depending upon the demand and supply of shares the prices move in that direction. This is the condition with all the shares. When a lot of fluctuation takes place and at a rapid pace, the market is said to be a volatile market.

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Several thousand people are connected with the market directly or indirectly with BSE and NSE. And on daily basis several thousand of transactions take place. Thousands and thousands of share change hands. Both are well-known stock exchanges globally. Now a day’s only electronic transaction take place instead of physical share certificates.

The amount involved in securities is mind-blowing. Because of online trading, it has reached even tier 2 and tier 3 cities and is making inroads at village level too. People from all walks of life are having equity in their portfolio apart from other asset classes.

  1. Stock market is a place of constant activity

The stock market is always moving. Because of regular change in supply and demand position, which changes from moment to moment, there is always a constant activity on the bourses. Someone or the other is always buying/selling shares. Certain share prices increase or decrease moment to moment.

This makes prediction virtually impossible. Sometimes it moves north, usually called bull market. And sometimes it moves south, usually called a bear market. The stock market of any country is one of the factors which represent the economic health of that country. People make money from share market.

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  1. Do you think you are the right person?

Are you the person who can devote sufficient time for research? It takes more time for the research than the real action. That is research on shares consumes more than 95 percent of the time. Research includes watching the news, reading business articles,  following world stock exchanges closely, following the change of government rules and regulations, new schemes launched by the government, quarterly results of companies.

All this information to be collected, segregated and analyzed to come to a conclusion, as what this will have an effect on which all companies. Which all companies will have positive or negative outlook in the long term?

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  1. Are you ready to take a calculated risk?

Financial markets involve risk. The degree or level of risk varies from one security to another. Risk tolerance varies from person to person. Many are risk averse and many are risk takers. Maximum persons come between these two extremes. With risk comes a reward. That is first calculating the possible risk-reward ratio. Risk tolerance factor is also important. It is better to take a certain risk and so will you be rewarded. At the end of the day, no pain no gain.

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How to make money in share market without investment?

Many individuals cannot resist the temptation of riding the wave of the bull market. If you have all the knowledge and required skills that one needs to invest and trade in the stock market, then you can make money in share market without investment. In other words, you have the talent but no funds for investment.

How to make money in share market without investment.

Here are some methods, you can choose the appropriate method which suits you most, either full-time or part-time. Most of the methods will help you earn from someone else’s stock investment.

  1. Job at stock brokerage house

In the initial period, you may have difficulty in acquiring clients. So the best way is to join some stock brokerage house. This will give you experience, with your communication skills you can be in good books of your present clients which will help you in your future endeavors when you start on your own. Your post can be customer service executive or relationship manager.  Your role will provide your clients with timely and valuable services as to in which stock to invest in. It will be mostly one to one contact.

  1. Providing investment tips

There are many new and unskilled investors or traders who need proper guidance in the stock market before trading. You can become their stock analyst and manage their portfolio. You can start providing best investments tips. These investment tips will help them to tackle market speculations. You can also help them in identifying multi-bagger stocks, chose right IPO, MF or bonds. This can be a paid subscriber service through SMS, E-mails, or your own website etc.

  1. Sharing of profit/loss

There is a different strategy for day to day share trading and long-term investments. If you have skill sets to track and trade stocks than you can do this for your clients. You can go in for a written agreement for sharing of profit/loss with your client for long-term investments. Once you are successful in generating regular profits, you can broaden your client base, that is, have a written agreement with multiple clients on same profit/loss sharing basis.

  1. Become a broker or sub-broker

A stockbroker is a professional agent who executes buy and sell orders and is a trading member of the stock exchange. He gets his fee or commission for his services. He passes the exam to become one or purchases the ticket to become one.

Sub-broker works in assisting the broker but is not a trading member. He is required to obtain a registration certificate from SEBI in India. A stockbroker can have many sub-brokers assisting him. Usually, sub-brokers are in direct touch with the clients.

  1. Paid teaching classes

You can start your classes teaching eager new and unskilled investors and traders for making strategies for stock trading and investments. You can provide them with good solutions, so as to how to use their money to gain better returns in bull and bear market phases. Many can be first-time investors too. You may have to invest money for class rent and other office expenses.

There are many other methods which we will discuss in the forthcoming blog.

You will have to read the newspaper regularly, follow minutely news on TV, internet etc. and upgrade your knowledge regularly and sharpen your information gathering skills, so as to give the best advice to your clients.

Who is more active in Indian Share Market? Men or women?

Indian stock market is growing exponentially in terms of number of stock exchanges, amount raised from market, number of listed companies (approx. 7000), trading volumes, market capitalization, investor population and price indices.

Capital market is a medium through which scattered and small savings of investors is used for productive activities of corporate.

Active in Indian Share Market Men or women

  1. Investment knowledge of stock market

There are 945 females for every 1000 males in India according to census.

But it is still the men who rule the roost when it comes to stock trading. According to a survey 85% investor in stock market are males. According to one of the estimates only 42.2% of the total employed women have knowledge of investment in stock market.

As regarding returns from stock market only 49.9% of the total employed women who had knowledge of investment in stocks think stock market gives average returns, 26.3% think it gives good returns and 5.9% think it gives lower return. 17.9% have no knowledge about returns from stock market.

In other words they are unknown of the fact that they can get returns from stock market. We can get good returns from Indian stock market overview in the present conditions.

  1. Income disparity

From one of the survey it was found that females earned nearly 21% less than their male counterparts even though both posses same qualification, put in same working hours in office, and for the same post and experience. This shows there is wide gender wage disparity.

The gap in income is directly related to the available disposable income for investment purpose. But even after this disparity women tend to manage personal debt in better way than men. They have slightly lower debt balance then men.

  1. Investment diversification and risk

Men and women investments differ vastly. Women are better than men in diversifying their portfolio they usually do not take unnecessary risks with their investments.  Because of taking less risk they get moderate returns provided stock prices are going in favorable direction and also moderate protection when stock prices move in opposite direction.

  1. Trading frequency

Another difference can be seen in trading frequency. Men engage in 45 percent more activity then women. But trading too frequently can diminish ones return on profit margin.

  1. Controlling emotions

Another difference is women can control their emotions of greed and fear which is an important factor of successful trading. It is the greed quotient in men that leads to less returns. Patience is also one of the factor.

Irrespective of gender both are capable of improving their investment knowledge and their financial situation.