Share market tips from experts – why you need it?

Investor’s invest money in the stock market to make their wealth grow over a period of time. But it is not possible for everyone to observe stock market daily and keep a close watch. Or sometimes they may be confused about the market situation.

tips from experts

To aid them in their conclusion they require the help of experts. Below given is why one should go for share market tips and how they can aid them in reaching conclusion.

1. Avoid high risk and play safe

One of the questions which every investor has is how to make money without losing the investment or capital and how to manage risk. A very common question as far as share market is concerned.

As everyone knows that the share market is volatile and there is no guarantee that investor will make only profit/gains in his trades.

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Share markets up and down movement which depends on supply/demand condition, are affected by many national and global events. This can be government rules and policies, schemes, floods and droughts, financial events etc. Also the performance of the company and the sector to which it belongs also play an important role.

It is not possible for everyone to read charts and analysis in a proper way hence a need for an expert or trading analysis providing company comes into the picture.

Experts in share market tips help the investor in avoiding high-risk shares and try to play as safe game as possible.

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Apart from the above, there are certain factors which have a major role are given below.

2. Return on the investment

Investors are on the outlook of shares which gives them better returns on their investments. But those who take decisions emotionally or in a hurry often risk their capital amount and diminishing returns on their investments. Getting better returns on their investments one has to rely on certified share market tips provider.

3. Keeping emotions in check

Keeping emotions balanced or under check is easy said than done. Investors dream of earning easy success.  Investors must see and face the market in totality. Experts in the field of stock advisory company suggest buying, sell or holding funds from time to time depending on the market condition. Maybe the script that one is holding because of emotional attachment may not be giving good or sufficient returns.

The experts provide tips either through SMS or call in case of sell or purchase depending upon client’s risk-taking tolerance and goal which is decided.

4. Maintaining average in up and down market condition

Most of the investors invest money in one go, especially the new ones. Experts always recommend investing in piece wise fashion. Say you wish to invest Rs. 10,000 then invest Rs. 1000, after a certain period another Rs. 1000 so on and so forth, 10 times.

In short, spreading your amount over a period of time. It applies to the selling of shares also. Sometimes the market trend is favorable and sometimes it is not. At the end of the day, things average out.

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5. Identifying goals

Each investor has different goals for which he is investing. It can be children’s higher studies, going for a foreign trip, house or car purchase or anything else. The identifying goal for investment is an important factor. Keeping the goal in mind an expert will advise you regarding in which share you should invest in and what can be the possible return.

6. Stop loss

Depending on the shares, experts will guide you at what price should you put the stop loss order. So that, in case of prices spiraling downwards you can minimize your losses. Many people suffer a huge loss because they do not use stop loss order, and wait endlessly for the upturn. In bear market conditions stop loss can save you the day.

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7. Entry and exit points

Share market experts help you in identifying entry and exit points It is necessary that entry and exit points are rigidly defined. A right entry and exit point give you the gains, for which each and every investor hopes in anticipation.


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Why should you diversify your share portfolio?

Dictionary meaning of diversification is – having variety of character or form or components; or having increased variety

It is a familiar term for many investors. In a nut shell “Do not put all eggs in one basket”. An investor diversifies his portfolio as a vital part of financial planning and also to maximize return on capital. One can diversify his investments into different shares or different asset classes like real estate, bonds, gold, bank deposits etc. When one asset class fails to give proper returns it is balanced by another asset class. For example, when stocks are moving down gold moves up and vice versa.

diversify investment portfolio

We will see the advantage of diversification and how we can profit by diversifying our capital and minimizing (containing) our risk.

  1. Economic crises – Portfolio diversification can prevent you against the risk of economic crises (mostly during external aggression or war). When financial market crashes (Lehman Brothers) suddenly assets like gold are seen as safe heaven to park your investments. And when the bull market is on run assets like stocks give a good return on your investments as compared to gold. So if you have diversified into gold and shares your loss in one asset class is covered up by another asset class. Diversification can be used as a safety net.
  2. Tax advantage – It is a great way to save taxes on profit earned. Investment in stock for more than one year is not taxed. Similarly, there are tax saving mutual funds (3 years lock-in period). Also, deposits in PPF (deposit, accrued interest, and withdrawal, 15 year period) are also tax-free to the certain extent. So diversifying your portfolio into stocks, mutual fund, and PPF (and many other) you can save on tax from your investments.
  3. Sectorial advantage – When the government announced schemes/policy like home for all, affordable housing, decrease in housing loan interest rates, etc construction sector will get the boost. As part of a diversified portfolio if you have shares of companies dealing in construction and allied field you will get good returns on investments. Trump’s announcement gave the boost to American IT sector companies and demoralized Indian IT sector. How to make money in Indian stock market and in which sectors to invest in so as to diversify your risk to the minimum.

You can diversify your share portfolio across various sectors like banks, cement, automobiles, pharma, telecom, energy, IT, FMCG, consumer goods, metals, media, and entertainment etc, and also across large, mid. small micro and mini caps, that is market capitalization. See Indian stock market overview for more sectorial details.

  1. Overexposure – One should not be overexposed to one sector or asset class. Say you keep on regularly buying shares of one company says ABC which is in pharmaceutical sector deriving most of its revenue from the USA. Now USA changes its policy and ABC cannot sell to the USA and suffers the huge loss. Since you have been accumulating shares of ABC for a long time your return on investment wipes out. There are many myths about Indian stock market which should be dispelled among the general public. Across asset class, those who have invested their lifelong income only into reality, because of demonetization, RERA, other policy have suffered a huge loss on their returns. Had the investor diversified into shares, gold, bank deposits etc. he would have lessened the loss on return. One should know when to sell shares to make profit.

Purpose of diversification is to minimize risk and provide meaningful gain, so as the financial goals are achieved and can have a comfortable retirement and a life one dreams of.

Do You Know How Equity Market Tips Can Help You?

The world is shrinking because of numerous communication channels that are available like internet, radio, TV, mobiles etc. , distances are becoming shorter, news and information are exchanged within a short span of time over a large distance.

Do You Know How Equity Market Tips Can Help You

Indian markets are assessable to the world and world markets are assessable to India. In short, all markets have become the global marketplace and goods, technology, services, capital, and trades are changing hands at a very fast rate across the borders of countries.

Indian stock market is gaining popularity worldwide because of its huge market size, growth, momentum and stable economic condition. Other markets like American, Japanese, European etc., have the effect on Indian markets and vice versa.

After opening our doors to the world in 1991, Indian markets have seen tremendous growth and foreign investments are regularly growing through foreign direct investment and foreign institutional investment.

It is seen that very less percentage of Indians population are able to cash on the booming equity market because of fear of bubble getting busted any time and volatility of the world market conditions.

People fail to recognize that this is the best time to make good returns on their investments and even day traders can cover up all their previous losses. Because of lack of time or because of lack of required fundamental and technical knowledge or not knowing how much risk can they can take, less information on ways of working with the market are certain things that keep general public away from stock market.

Alliance Research is a professionally run company and understands the complexities the trader’s faces and hence has come out with few services in equity segment.

  1. Stock cash – It is a low-risk type, where 2-3 stock cash calls are provided daily and complimentary 2 – 3 calls are provided on monthly basis. It is for those intraday traders who can invest amount less than Rs 50,000/- in the stock market.
  2. Stock cash PDP – It is a moderate risk type, a premium service, where 4 – 6 stock cash calls are provided on daily basis and complimentary 1 – 2 calls are provided on monthly basis. It is for those intraday traders who can invest amount Rs 1, 50,000/- or more in the stock market.
  3. HNI cash – It is a high-risk type, for high net worth individuals, 2-3 premium intraday cash market calls are provided daily and 2 – 3 premium positional cash calls per month are provided. Utmost care is taken in deciding on the level of calls execution and profit booking.
  4. Overnight cash express – It is a moderate risk type, 1 – 2 calls are provided on daily basis with the prospect of next trading day to optimize more profit, 15 – 20 calls per month for overnight holding. Calls providing time is 40 to 60 minutes before market closing. This is one of the premium services hence free trial on this service is not given.

Best Indian Stock Market Tips For Beginners

Money lures one and all. Big and easy money lures more and more people like a Pied Piper. This lure of big money brings people to the stock market. But let me clarify you must be aware about Indian stock market overview to make money.

Many people have lost their entire life savings and are debt-ridden. Their greed has brought them on the verge of or have committed suicide. The other side of the coin is that few have made good money too.

Indian Stock Market

Let’s see the others few who have made good money, who had patience, done a lot of research, solid understanding of the market, and had disciplined way of trading.

Market volatility is one of its inbuilt characteristics. New investors are in a state of confusion during this volatility period, should they hold, sell or buy the shares.

Market swings (up or down) are impossible to predict. But there are some rules and cycles if followed, then probabilities of good returns are high.


  1. Surplus funds.

One should only use surplus funds that one has and it should not create an unbearable financial loss if in case he loses, fully or partially that amount in share market. In present market condition though chances of losing are very less because huge data is available on the internet to satisfy one’s analysis. But still, there are chances ( the risk factor associated). Best thing is to invest 10% of your surplus funds regularly and whenever gain is made, book profit over a period of time.

  1. Diversification.

One should diversify his investments (spreading risk) by investing in small-caps, mid-caps, and large-cap companies. Every segment has different returns and volatility. One can also diversify on bases of sectors (bank, IT, metal, pharma, FMCG,) as some sectors perform better due to favorable government policies or announcement. One can diversify on basis of thematic indices (commodities, energy, MNC, PSU).

Diversifying investment in different ways helps to reduce the risk factor of your investment. But too much diversifying can have a bad effect on your returns as they will go out of control. You will not be able to take proper advantage.

  1. Expectations.

Multi-bagger stocks are those stocks which have given unimaginable returns over a long period of time. There are tens of thousands of shares. Out of which only a handful have given unimaginable returns. And also only in the bull phase of the market. It is very very difficult to figure out which “unknown” stocks will give these type of returns.

We always hope that the stocks we have give the best returns, but practically it is not so. We should not have unrealistic returns of any stock. One should know at the maximum how much return our stock will give in future, say few years down the line. Warren Buffett said that one can expect 12 percent returns. Above it is just luck. If your expectation is more than that, one is just inviting trouble. One cannot be lucky each and every time.

  1. Known business.

It is better to invest in a company whose business you understand and have knowledge about, like transportation, textiles, automobiles, paper, electronics etc. In this way, you can figure out how much return you can expect the business can give practically.

  1. Keep the tab on news.

World news does affect our stock market (in a positive and negative way). And ultimately our share prices move up and down. One should always track Indian and world news regarding what is happening in different parts of the world. Change in government policies, rules, an outcome of meetings held, mergers and acquisitions, company announcements, financial results and business related news on regular basis. This will help you in knowing which shares to purchase and sell.

Why should an investor invest small amount every month regularly?

Monthly income and expenditure calculation has become a part of our life. Nowadays we do everything on monthly basis, whether it is brought home grocery or do shopping or pays the bill of utility services like mobile, telephone, electricity, house rent etc. Even we also like to prefer salary on monthly basis instead of daily, weekly or quarterly.  We can say that the monthly basis work is the accurate time as compared to daily, weekly or quarterly. It helps us to budget our money rising so that we should think for monthly investment too. That too for our future of which we cannot imagine the living cost.

According to me, everyone should develop a habit of investing some amount every month. First, save and then whatever remains used for monthly expenses. It does not matter how much or less you are investing every month, rather it is all about improving your compulsory habit of monthly investment and before considering all your expenses that you use as an investment.

Small amount every month

Here, are some points you can consider why should an investor invest a small amount every month regularly.

  1. Power of compounding.

Compounding is a very powerful tool over a long period of time. Very few investors are aware of the power of compounding. Albert Einstein one of the greatest scientists called compound interest “the greatest mathematical discovery of all time.” Let me explain. SI is calculated on the principal the original amount invested. CI is calculated taking into account principal amount and also on the accumulated interest of previous periods, and hence it regarded as “interest on interest.” Your investment amount may be little but investing regularly (every month) and compounded annually adds up to a huge amount over the long period of time.

  1. Earnings to defeat inflation.

One should always invest in those stocks which have been defeating inflation regularly over past few years. Inflation is near around 4 to 6%. So we should see that our investments are giving more than 8 % returns. If they are not giving 8% or more than we should seriously think of other stocks for investment. Regularly monthly investments may give us returns of nearly 15 to 18% thus defeating inflation with a good margin.

  1. Systematic Investment.

By investing every month you will be averaging out on ups and downs of the market. No need to time the market. Most of the investors time and again have stressed of this type of investments, usually called systematic investment plan or SIP in local parlance.

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  1. Price factor in Investment.

It is better to invest over a period of time instead of investing in the huge amount at one time and one go. When the market is up you lose and when they are down you gain. When you consolidate your finance you will see that you have averaged out on your investment.

  1. Time factor in Investment.

We all know market fluctuates and mostly moves in cyclic form over a period of time. It rises, rises, rises, and drops suddenly again it rises, rises, rises, and drops suddenly this is called cyclic form. It attains new peaks every few years and breaks the previous high record held. Investing on a monthly basis when the cycle is on rise and then selling once it is nearing its peak keeps our investment safe. After crash again we can continue with monthly investment. Earlier you start investing better it is.

Today you are healthy, energetic, and age in your favor, will it be the same 10 – 20 – 30 years down the line when day to day living costs will be skyrocketing?

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